Comment Analysis

The most used note comments
1. aj - 19346 (32.5 % of all notes)
2. atm - 9223 (15.5 % of all notes)
3. nordea railway station - 2395 (4.0 % of all notes)
4. atm. emppu has found lots of my notes recently and this is my attempt to return the favour. hits with other trackers will be of course gladly accepted as well :) - 1079 (1.8 % of all notes)
5. nordea hakaniemi - 946 (1.6 % of all notes)
6. prisma iso omena - 898 (1.5 % of all notes)
7. prisma malmi - 867 (1.5 % of all notes)
8. in cooperation with jani73 - 759 (1.3 % of all notes)
9. atm, special challenge day, see - 737 (1.2 % of all notes)
10. sokos helsinki - 729 (1.2 % of all notes)

The longest comment: R-kioski, bought an ice cream. The guy before me was obviously drunk and tried to buy some cigarettes with his credit card (Diners Club I think). The cashier didn't accept it and the guy left the store empty-handed to a taxi that was waiting nearby. (20.06.2005)

Random comment: S-Pankki Hakaniemi (01.03.2008)

Hit Partners' most used comment: (dead silence) (506)
Hit Partners' longest comment: Nordea.Verstas muuttaa Ylöjärvelle ja samalla kun tuotiin romuja uudelle verstaalle, niin täyty tietenkin käyrä tutustumassa paikalliseen Nordeaan. Ei vaikuta lupaavalta. Seteleitten vaihtaminen ei kuulemma kuulu paikan palveluihin (vaihto kumminkin)

Limit: more than 19 occurances and at least three letters/word. Expect problems with special characters.
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